Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Frans Bergman 9dc3fdd4d0 [init.vim] Add nvim-agda plugin to neovim 2 weeks ago
  Frans Bergman 8f7bdf999c [.profile] Set TERMINAL to st 2 months ago
  Frans Bergman efe29bc2bd [.profile] Change EDITOR from vim to nvim 2 months ago
  Frans Bergman 9e5bc2857f [picom] Enable background blur of transparent windows 2 months ago
  Frans Bergman 4d41bb3f02 [picom] Disable window drop shadows 2 months ago
  Frans Bergman fbdf52f34d Update dwm status bar on automatic mpd song change 2 months ago
  Frans Bergman 7d22d75513 Fix cadence initialization in .xinitrc 2 months ago
  Frans Bergman f5950cf8a9 Launch dwm directly instead of with ck-launch-session 2 months ago
  Frans Bergman 6da757e03d Enable AUTO_CD in zsh 9 months ago
  Frans Bergman 611d703ced Migrate zinit to zdharma-continuum 9 months ago
  Frans Bergman b1ba96e986 Add 'open' keybind to nvim config 9 months ago
  Frans Bergman 902348bb08 Only show mpd status in music status line 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 1af54429d0 Switch to zinit instead of Oh-My-Zsh 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman afad210a99 Start cadence instead of pulseaudio 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 8f3547694f Add vimpc config 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman b44d10bc55 Add booksplit script from LukeSmithxyz/voidrice 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 940e1290ef Add latex case to compiler script 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 87780e042a Enable background blur in picom 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 82bfb5c741 Disable mouse interaction in vim 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 53a27c633f Add ls aliases explicitly 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 55beb8352d Disable automatic volume manipulation in mpd 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 60eaed50d5 Use D-Bus for power management operations 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 4a3e0e39f4 Add trailing space to status string 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 3ad296acf6 Use Adwaita:dark GTK theme 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman bc0e38a40a Put screen in standby mode when locking 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 6a6b1bceb5 Enable volume normalization in mpd config 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman cf38cd64f6 Fix labels in refer compile command 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman dd2256e73d Add PIC support to compiler script 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman a1e507b1b1 Add keybinds for changing keyboard layout 1 year ago
  Frans Bergman 2f4d1c8c9c Use pipes instead of a temporary file in 1 year ago